Welcome to your source for coin operated laundry services in chillicothe and Frankfort ohio!

We currently own laundromats in two locations in chillicothe, as well as downtown frankfort. We do our best to have the cleanest, safest and affordable locations in town. We also offer high capacity washing machimes so you can do a great deal of laundry at one time.

Trippie’s Laundromat

Located just a block south of the Chillicothe Post office, Trippie’s features 20 washers and 10 dryers.

This location offers 4 total ‘large format’ washers allowing you to wash large batches of clothes or your extra large comforters.

There is plenty of on-site parking to the rear of the location, with alley access directly behind Tiffin towers.

About Us

We currently own and are in the process of opening 3 laundromats in Ross County.

92 S. Walnut Street (Trippie’s)
348 E. Main Street (Mae’sPlace)
16 N Main st, Frankfort (Frankie’s Fluff and Fold)

We expect to be open at 92 S Walnut street on or before June the 1st, the others we hope to be open within 2 months.



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